Claim the ownership of a hotel room —
Indulge in complimentary stays worldwide
while securing a steady stream of passive income


annual yield

earned from property rentals


annual yield


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Explore 110 countries and 4500 hotels


Free stays in Wyndham Hotels & Resorts worldwide in 80 countries and 1200 hotels

Owning a hotel room means:

Generating an annual income of $26,894 and enjoying All-Inclusive services while residing abroad.

Exploring various countries and enjoying complimentary hotel stays through the International vacation exchange and ITC.

Indulging in vacations within your private hotel room while continuing to earn passive income throughout the year.

Invest in a hotel room at Wyndham Grand Batumi Gonio

Purchasers of hotel rooms are automatically enrolled as members of the International Travel Club (ITC), enjoying a complimentary week of vacation annually worldwide until December 31, 2025, within the global Wyndham Hotels & Resorts network, encompassing the Wyndham Grand Batumi Gonio complex.

Commencing March 1, 2025, they also engage in the international vacation exchange program. Invest in a hotel room and commence planning your cost-free journeys today!

Investments from $200 000

First instalment from $60 000

Annual income from $26 894

0% installment plan for 21 months

Monthly payment from $6,600

Worldwide Chargless Vacation

Vacation exchange programs for hotel room owners

ITC program will introduce you to the Wyndham Hotels & Resorts network.

80 countries

Luxury vacations in five-star hotels

Valid until December 31, 2025

International vacation exchange.

110 countries, all hotel industry brands

Not just hotel stays—immerse yourself in luxury cruises, private yachts, stylish car rentals, and an array of premium services

Starting of programs from the culmination of construction – July 1, 2025

Program conditions

What is the essence of the programs?

Free Luxury vacations worldwide.

How can one enroll in both the International Vacation Exchange and ITC?

Purchase a hotel unit in the Wyndham Grand Batumi Gonio hotel complex.

How do the programs differ?

The International Vacation Exchange program grants you the freedom to enjoy cost-free vacations in 110 countries by swapping stays with fellow participants. The participation in RCI initiates after the construction completes.

ITC, on the other hand, is a complimentary Wyndham Hotels & Resorts vacations, allowing you to savor the distinctive ‘brand taste’ in 80 countries. Free ITC vacations kick off upon purchase and extend until the construction is finalized.

What is the duration of the programs?

International Vacation Exchange (from July 1, 2025 - October 1, 2028) with the possibility of extension.

ITC (November 1, 2023 - December 31, 2025) with no possibility of extension.

Where can I see the list of hotels for vacation?

For the ITC program: a personal manager will provide a list of available hotels.

For the International Vacation Exchange: a personal manager will provide information.

How will I earn passive income?

Your annual income will be from $26,894 to $72,504.

Income from selling your branded property from $82,000 to $237,000.

Wyndham Grand Batumi Gonio

The inaugural and exclusive All-Inclusive retreat in the Republic of Georgia, proudly bearing the Wyndham Grand insignia.

  • Orchestrated under the discerning oversight of global hospitality titan Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
  • and steered by the world's premier hotel operator, Aimbridge Hospitality.

This opulent five-star enclave boasts 5 distinct hotels, featuring a bespoke infrastructure with 90 meticulously crafted elements spread across 27,115 sq. m. and offering the premium services adhering to international standards.

As a real estate luminary within this extraordinary complex, you not only secure optimal investment terms but also secure a haven for luxury leisure and living with hotel services 365 days a year.


(including halal)


cafes, and bars


SPA (including halal)

Hotels where you can buy a hotel unit


Hotel rooms

Family Club

Family residences





90 infrastructure facilities

Owners and their guests have access to the entire infrastructure of the Wyndham Grand Batumi Gonio hotel complex.


(including halal)


SPA (including halal)

Entertainment for
the whole family


restaurants, cafes,
and bars


fitness centers,
sports grounds


children's playgrounds,
playrooms, cafes, and clubs.


meeting rooms, as well as
coworking, banquet hall, and more.

+ 53 infrastructure

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